Supermarket Racks

As the name indicates, supermarket racks are those racks which are used in supermarkets to display a wide array of products with various number of shelves in it.These can be used for hanging & shelving purposes.Made from high quality mild steel, our each shelve can bear weight upto 80 kgs.They also go through  7 tank powder coating process for thich powder coating. We also manufacture Shopping trollies (65 liters), Shopping baskets, Check-out counters, Chocolate Stands etc.

Product Information

  • Height:- 6 Feet , 7 Feet , 8 Feet.
  • Shelve Width:- 3 Feet , 4 Feet.
  • Depth:- 12 inches , 15 inches , 18 inches.
  • Guage:- 
  • Bracket :- 16 Guage
  • Shelve :- 18 Guage
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